Recalling half a century in the ad biz

No, not my memories.

Memories and stories by Michael Koulermos, former McCann SVP & master of portraiture.

Yesterday I visited the ADC Global Gallery in NYC to see Mr. Koulermos’ exhibition of Impressionist portraits of ’60s, ’70s & ’80s ad men & women.

I stayed for over an hour and left sooo inspired.

Unfortunately the exhibition ends tomorrow.

Then the portraits will be taken down, wrapped carefully & given to each ad legend or family member.

Got fingers crossed these oils (& the engaging stories that accompanied each one) will one day reappear as an online exhibit.

In the meantime, I have just one thing more to say:

Thank you, Mr. Koulermos, for sharing your labor of love.


About David Wojdyla

In 1999, he founded “&WOJDYLA,” the first ad agency to put clients first. Building on success, Mr. Wojdyla co-founded “(and)VERTISING INC®,” a seamless marketing agency with a knack for making complicated subjects simple.
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