2015 ADDY Award Winner

Chicago Tribune  |  Business  |  Section 2  |  Friday, March 28, 2014

Chicago Tribune | Business | Section 2 | Friday, March 28, 2014

The 2014 ADDYs Show is about two months away. Which means the 2015 ADDYs is about 14 months away. Yet I’m going to stick my neck out and predict this bus shelter (which I walk past twice a day) will win an ADDY, or as the AAF renamed it, an “American Advertising Award.”

In today’s paper, Trib reporter Jessica Wohl writes: “The bus shelter is part of a campaign focused on family time… (it) was chosen for its high-traffic location, not its proximity to the rival chain, said Brian Shembeda, a SVP at Leo Burnett.”

Not sure I believe Mr. Shembeda. (Especially since this bus shelter is spitting distance from his office.) But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

The supersized Happy Meal box is a simple idea executed flawlessly. Bravo!

FOOTNOTE: I don’t have a list of creatives who did this out-of-home (OOH) execution. But I know one name that won’t be on the list but should be: JACK GOLDENBERG. Long before YouTube popularized viral marketing, he launched the Happy Meal with word-of-mouth communication (WOM).


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Everybody in advertising should watch this


I bought the DVD for $15. But now someone told me you can watch it free on Vimeo.
So please do.

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150 years ago today

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Like you’ve never heard or seen it before. (Just click here.)
Creative Credits:
Design & Animation: Adam GAULT and Stefanie AUGUSTINE
Voiceover: Mitch RAPOPORT
Sound design: Chris VILLEPIGUE
Additional animation: Carlo VEGA

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Leo Burnett’s Mentor

Leo Burnett (age 26) and  Theodore F. MacManus (age 45)

Leo Burnett (age 26) and Theodore F. MacManus (age 45)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Leo Burnett. And although I never met him, he’s been a mentor to me. I’m serious. (Read Leo Burnett, Star Reacher by Joan Kufrin and you’ll be inspired, too.)

Last week I bought a book written by the ad guy who turned Burnett on to advertising:

Theodore F. MacManus.

In 1915, Burnett quit his job as a columnist for the Peoria Journal and moved to Detroit to work in corporate communications at Cadillac.

That’s where he met the man who wrote the most popular car ad ever.

Their working relationship lasted about three years. But I suspect the mentor/mentee relationship continued a bit longer.

Because less than a decade before Burnett started his own agency (1935), MacManus wrote a book about the secret of creating effective advertising.

Burnett loved books. And while it’s true I don’t have proof he read The Sword-Arm of Business, I challenge anyone to prove he didn’t.

I just finished reading it. The lessons MacManus shares are timeless.

Which is precisely the reason why I’ve already incorporated some of that learning into our Agency’s capabilities deck.

FOOTNOTE: Some time ago, I gave a presentation to the Chicago Advertising Federation (in a Leo Burnett conference room) titled, “NEW IDEAS FROM DEAD AD GUYS.” (I’m looking at it now. Not bad if I do say so myself.) Perhaps I’ll update it and put it on SlideShare. It’ll be better than the original. B/C now I know what both of these legendary ad men knew about creating effective advertising.
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Hot off the press

National Radio Hall of Fame 2013 Invitation

If you saw last year’s invitation, you know why I proofread this six times before it went to the printer.

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My LinkedIn Connection, Larry H.

As an art director, I’ve worked with a lot of photographers. Recently, I met a new one through LinkedIn. His name is Larry Huene and here’s the first job we did together.

Not only did Larry shoot this nostalgic still life, he retouched it, too.

Oh, and did I mention before he shot this in his Elmhurst studio, Huene (1) traveled to the client’s storage facility downtown, (2) explored their incredible collection of memorabilia, (3) hand-picked most of the items shown here and (4) added a few of his own to the final composition?

Talk about “going the extra mile” for your clients!

Now you know why I consider Larry Huene one of top three shooters I’ve ever worked with.

Country music didn't begin in Nashville

Worldwide Creative Director: DAVID WOJDYLA; Art Director, MICHAEL JOHN; Copywriter: SUSAN MORRIS; Photographer: LARRY HUENE; Client: NATIONAL RADIO HALL OF FAME

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Best Qualitative Researcher I Know?

PATRICIA WOJDYLA, Founder, Patricia Wojdyla Qualitative Research.
(And I’m not just saying that because my boss is married to her!)
why-pwqr-ppt-visualView on SlideShare

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