“What’s the difference between an ad agency and an ‘and’ agency?”

Actually there are several.

And agencies have ways of surprising you.

They bring you new ideas without being asked.

They never pretend to know your business as well as you know it. (But they know their business inside and out.)

And agencies believe in the value of advertising. Yet sometimes tell you not to advertise at all.

And agencies know a good idea is no less good because it was suggested by the client.

In an and agency, lights burn late.

There’s no such thing as “good enough.”

Men and women who work in an and agency have spirit. Enthusiasm. And pride in their work.

And agencies spend as much time deciding what to say as how to say it.

And agencies recognize there’s almost nothing not capable of boring people.

That there’s no limit to the number of people who’ll ignore a bad ad.

And that in no other business is it quite so costly to be dull.

And agencies believe there’s only one kind of ad worth doing.

The kind that breaks out of the cocoon of sameness in which so many advertisers are trapped, and engages the consumer.

Ands like the ones showcased on these pages.