Recalling half a century in the ad biz

No, not my memories.

Memories and stories by Michael Koulermos, former McCann SVP & master of portraiture.

Yesterday I visited the ADC Global Gallery in NYC to see Mr. Koulermos’ exhibition of Impressionist portraits of ’60s, ’70s & ’80s ad men & women.

I stayed for over an hour and left sooo inspired.

Unfortunately the exhibition ends tomorrow.

Then the portraits will be taken down, wrapped carefully & given to each ad legend or family member.

Got fingers crossed these oils (& the engaging stories that accompanied each one) will one day reappear as an online exhibit.

In the meantime, I have just one thing more to say:

Thank you, Mr. Koulermos, for sharing your labor of love.


About David Wojdyla

In 1999, he founded “and WOJDYLA,” the first ad agency to put clients first. Building on its success, Mr. Wojdyla co-founded “ANDvertising inc,” a digital marketing & advertising agency with a proven track record of success
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