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An aspiring [AND]vertising copywriter on Michigan Avenue, Ms. Morris loves Al. Ringling, the first and best Ringling Brother.

“Send us your capes deck.”

Those are five words we love to hear. But there are four words we love even more: “Let’s schedule a meeting.” (Got fingers crossed that’s what you’ll say after reviewing our capabilities deck.)

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Portfolio Samples from Y&R Global

All of these spots were written by my boss & mentor, David Wojdyla. Five minutes ago he said “put these on our site.” Done. Done. And done!

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My all-time favorite Walt Disney quote

114 years ago today, Walt Disney was born on the northwest side of Chicago.

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Last night I saw a HOTT show

HOTT (Helping Others Through Theatre) PRODUCTIONS was founded almost two decades ago by Schaumburg residents Christine Seminaro and Donica Seminaro Luzwick, her sister. The non-profit’s dual mission is ambitious: (1) Provide quality musical theater experiences and (2) donate all proceeds … Continue reading

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It’s Law Day again in America

So what is Law Day?! In 1961, a Joint Resolution of Congress set aside May 1 as a special day for all Americans to celebrate our liberties and to reaffirm our loyalty to the USA. It’s a day for us … Continue reading

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150 years ago today

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Like you’ve never heard or seen it before. (Just click here.) Creative Credits: Design & Animation: Adam GAULT and Stefanie AUGUSTINE Voiceover: Mitch RAPOPORT Sound design: Chris VILLEPIGUE Additional animation: Carlo VEGA

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Best Qualitative Researcher I Know?

PATRICIA WOJDYLA, Founder, Patricia Wojdyla Qualitative Research. (And I’m not just saying that because my boss is married to her!) View on SlideShare

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Hello world!

Here’s the first post. (The next one will be better.)

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