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What would NOT exist if you’d never been born?

A short video to celebrate David Kennedy’s induction into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Continue reading

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Portfolio Samples from Y&R Global

All of these spots were written by my boss & mentor, David Wojdyla. Five minutes ago he said “put these on our site.” Done. Done. And done!

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“LETTERS LOST THEN FOUND: A Conversation Between Two Brothers, 1942−1945.”

As far as I know, only a couple dozen copies of this book exist. Pity. For two reasons. First, the war time letters in it were written by brothers who loved each other very much. So I think anyone who likes a good love … Continue reading

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Last night I saw a HOTT show

HOTT (Helping Others Through Theatre) PRODUCTIONS was founded almost two decades ago by Schaumburg residents Christine Seminaro and Donica Seminaro Luzwick, her sister. The non-profit’s dual mission is ambitious: (1) Provide quality musical theater experiences and (2) donate all proceeds … Continue reading

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It’s Law Day again in America

So what is Law Day?! In 1961, a Joint Resolution of Congress set aside May 1 as a special day for all Americans to celebrate our liberties and to reaffirm our loyalty to the USA. It’s a day for us … Continue reading

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Everybody in advertising should watch this

I bought the DVD for $15. But now someone told me you can watch it free on Vimeo. So please do.

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