Which search engine do you use?


Did you know when you search for something using Google, you may not be getting the most trustworthy results?

That’s the point of “Scroogled,” a new holiday ad campaign by Bing. Here’s the script:

HER: Jeff, what are you making?
HIM: My famous chicken cacciatore. You are in for a treat. I just got a new pan for it. Great price online. A top pick on Google Shopping.
HER: How do you know you didn’t get scroogled?
HIM: Scroogled?
HER: Google sells it’s shopping results. And while they look like honest search results, they’re really paid ads.
HIM: So you might not get the best price?
HER: You don’t even know which stores they’ve left out.
HIM: Man, I just got…
HER: SCROOGLED! Next time, use a search engine that won’t burn you.
ANNCR: Don’t get scroogled. Try Bing.

I think the strategy is brilliant. I think the creative execution is clunky.

I think Bing should buy a bunch of TV time in 2013 and continue educating the public. (And I think Bing should hire a small creative boutique to do new ads.)

Your thoughts?
Is this an “inbound” ad (educational and helpful)?
Or “outbound” ad (whiny and selfish)?

About David Wojdyla

In 1999, he founded “&WOJDYLA,” the first ad agency to put clients first. Building on success, Mr. Wojdyla co-founded “(and)VERTISING INC®,” a seamless marketing agency with a knack for making complicated subjects simple.
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1 Response to Which search engine do you use?

  1. Michael John says:

    he he, this spot has all the elements of an outbound ad — the dialogue is lame, the casting is uninspired, the pun at the end is predictable, and the call-to-action is heavy-handed.

    but when you isolate the news – google shopping results can’t be trusted – it does pass the “sniff” test.

    i’d label it “amateurish inbound.”


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