Had lunch at the Tavern Club today…

Image of street map to Tavern Club

…ran into a former client, who was already well under way on his New Year’s celebration. For the twenty-five years or more that I have known this man he has been both a drunkard and a lecher, yet he and his business have flourished like the green bay tree. Pondering on this, I remembered how the prophet Jeremiah had once pleaded with the Lord to tell him, Why do the wicked prosper? And received no answer.

 WOJDYLA’S FOOTNOTE: Regarding today’s blog post, the iPhone picture is mine but the words that I paired with it are not. They were written by a “guest” blogger, James Webb Young. The 4A’s Past President typed this snarky comment eight decades ago on December 31, 1942. (It can be found on page 96 of his book, “The Diary of an Ad Man,” published by Advertising Publications, Inc., Chicago.) 

About David Wojdyla

In 1999, he founded “and WOJDYLA,” the first ad agency to put clients first. Building on its success, Mr. Wojdyla co-founded “ANDvertising inc,” a digital marketing & advertising agency with a proven track record of success
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